Dr Christopher J. Kingsbury

Postdoctoral Researcher; Crystallography
Ph.D.(Chem.), M.Sc.(Chem.), B.Sc.
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I gained my Ph.D. with A. Prof. Brendan Abrahams at the University of Melbourne in Australia, in 2018, in the synthesis and crystallography of porous coordination polymer (MOF) materials undergoing dynamic processes. Prof. Richard Robson, a vaunted figure and esteemed scientist in inorganic chemistry generally, advised much of this work. Much of this work involved non-standard crystallography experiments and some really neat results.

After this, I built a tiny house in Manapouri, New Zealand - I'm immensely proud of this project, doing something diametrically opposed to a Ph.D. thesis. There are some images in the gallery - please let me know if you'd like more info.

My current research involves crystallographic and statistical analysis of porphyrin macrocycles in the Senge group at Trinity College Dublin. Many of the tools in development, such as the NSD online tool, have potential for immense impact in the rational design of materials.

I am a member of the "Irish Laboratory Team of the Year 2020", awarded to Prof. Dr. Mathias Senge's Laboratory.