SCSD for refcode 3WXO_HEM_A_801 retrieved from the porphyrin_pdb dataset using D4h symmetry

Table 1; SCSD parameters derived from the atom positions

Symm Sum (Å)
A1g 0.83
A2g 0.15
B1g 0.47
B2g 0.85
A1u 0.14
A2u 0.90
B1u 0.10
B2u 2.25
Egx+y 0.20
Egx-y 0.50
Eux+y 0.84
Eux-y 0.43

Mondrian diagram

Figure 1; Neoplastic representation of the SCSD parameters

Figure 2; Atom positions and symmetric decomposition modes

Table 2; Most similar in precalculated databases

PDB link scsd link √Σ(S(1)-S(2))2
3WXO3WXO_HEM_A_8010.0 Å
5AMM5AMM_HEM_A_3050.551 Å
3S793S79_HEM_A_6000.683 Å
3ERH3ERH_HEM_A_6050.688 Å
2OJV2OJV_HEM_A_28530.692 Å